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If you have been seeking a dentist that offers natural treatment options and biocompatible or body matching materials, look no further than Dr. Natalie A. Horn of Meridian Dentistry & Whole Body Wellness.  At our office we are pleased to provide our patients, local and out of state with quality care and individual attention.  Our practice is based off of referrals from doctors as far out as Indiana and as close as our immediate active patients.  We take pride in respecting and addressing your questions and concerns at your scheduled appointments. Therefore, if you feel the need for added time when scheduling please inform our reception team to help us achieve your health concerns.


Whole body wellness

At Meridian Dentistry & Whole Body Wellness we focus on the emotional and physical components of wellness in your dental care.  When screening your health histories we can inform you of how different areas of your mouth can affect peripheral areas of the body, such as six year molars that can affect big toes or stomach, such as gastric reflux through our meridians. Please view the meridian chart posted under Whole Body Wellness. Our technique of applying biocompatible materials allows you a wide variety of options for your personal concerns and treatment options.  Our experienced team is highly trained and available to address your questions and concerns.  Before your procedure, your dental professional will take the time to educate you and ensure that you feel comfortable before the work begins.  Please view the section on NET where emotional components are discussed and Whole Body Wellness where teeth/body links are shown to help you better understand the unique, personalized care we offer.


For a stress-free dental experience, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment today.